Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I've been looking for a place to put my own novels and stories, but haven't really found a site that works for me; so I thought I'd just start one on my own :)

I'm not looking to become a professional writer. Being a writer is a lot of hard work and I already have a day job - all my respect to people who can both publish books and hold down a second job at the same time! I've only printed one book because I got that for free when I finished NaNoWriMo one year.

That said, I do love to write and I sometimes think it's fun to share my writing with whoever might want to read it. Thus this blog will be a place for me to store my writing, OCs, art commissions I've made related to my own works, and so on. How to best organize said posts...well, that's an issue for later I think.

To look at what stories I've posted here, click on the tag "story overview" or the links listed here below.

Current stories on this blog:

Longer stories
How to sway them (revised 2017)

Shorter stories
The Sea is Deep


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