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I am feeling whooped but triumphant. Last week was five playdates in six days, including two (!) sleepovers (including a school day), and I survived.

I also cleaned like a mad over the weekend - reclaimed the junktable and all the windowsills, cleaned out some drawers of things, did laundry, tamed Guppy's room, and cleaned my entire closet (including replacing a lightbulb).

I went to the gym this morning and wrote 1100 words (a bit over 25k on the whole project now!). I have two half scenes to write, and a little bit of cleanup.

I'm still behind on #inktober, with 11 done. Some of them are pretty simple, but #10 is a doozy (complicated 9x12 piece with lots of teeny detail), and finished just in time for a deadline for an anthology that I also have a story coming out in.

#5. Original available. (Half-priced for Patreon patrons!)

Sketch Fest is Friday! Bring prompts and help me catch up on #inktober!

In weather news, we've been a weird extended pause. We got snow last week. And the week before. And each time, it got rained away the same day. Fermata is a musical term for an extended last note or pause at the end of a phrase, and that's what this feels like... the conductor is just still standing there letting fall fade out for just a few weeks more and everything is waiting. Saturday was surreal and foggy. Today, it's colder, and it's just now started snowing very lightly.

Tonight, bellydancing. Even though my abs are sore from P/T this morning.

Thursday Update

Oct. 12th, 2017 15:20
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When I went to take Guppy to school this morning, I discovered that I'd left a dome light on in the car. Dead, dead battery.

So Jake came home and I ferried Guppy to school in the truck and we cleaned and charged the battery and the car once more worked, but my morning was basically gone for productive work.

Ah, well!

Yesterday was better; I went to the tea shop and whomped out 1600 words... and got to the end of the not-a-book! It still needs half an epilogue and I went back and found a place where I could shoehorn in another two scenes because it's a little shorter (at 24k) than I was aiming for, but draft zero is done! I have extra children today or I'd plan on finishing the rough and getting it out for beta reading.

I also mocked up the cover, and I think it's a pretty good one.

I probably won't publish until early next year, because the schedule is really crowded, but I'm going to try to crank out the next one (which I'm super excited to write!) during NaNoWriMo, and maybe even another one in December/January, then release them all in fairly quick succession to see if that's a successful marketing move.

I'm also nearly done with another coloring book, did I mention? I'll start sharing some teasers next week once files are off to the printers.

In other news, I still have a cold. How can one head produce so much snot??

I am flailing on Inktober - I am on 8, I think. But there is a lot of month left!


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