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Sketch of a garnea

The very first take on my alien species "garnea", as envisioned by jennadelle - I got it for free because a commission I'd ordered got a little delayed; very generous!

The garnea are a very friendly, peaceful bunch. They communicate through gestures and body language, which makes inventing a universal translator that's compatible with them tricky. Also, they need "diving suits" with anti-gravitational fields to be able to hang out with their friends on land.

Other takes on the garnea can be seen here and here.
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Image of Tren, Nikon and Aelius

In this picture, made by my talented sister, you see Aelius (kneeling) and Nikon (on the right) from "How to sway them" team up with General Tren Tardor (on the left) from o2doko's WIP story "Anamnesis".
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Chibis of the main cast of How to sway them

Here are the two main characters + supporting main cast of "How to sway them", drawn by my very talented sister. You can also find the picture over at her dA gallery.

Characters, from left to right:
Lykos, Glaw Nevett, Dylis Nevett, Rhian Argall, Nikon, Aelius, Vita, Bernike, Thais, and Myrrine

And yes, it is my fault that Thais is much thinner in built here than in the story - I forgot to tell my sister when she was noting down characters' appearances. I fail
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Aelius & Nikon

Pictured above are Nikon (sitting) and Aelius (standing), as they show up in chapter 2 of "How to sway them". I commissioned this art from the wonderfully talented jennadelle.
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Uploaded with permission, all credit to CobraVenom whom I commissioned for this lovely artwork.

Featured above is the garnea Corals-That-Grow-Too-Deep (which is an approximate translation of her name), saying a friendly hello. It is actually a friendly one; the garnea language is entirely sign based, this being the body language for "Hello new friend, it is nice to meet you!". Yes, this has lead to a lot of misunderstandings during first encounters, which is why garnea usually bring another, more sound based species with them to make contact with new planets. They're really the nicest species in the galaxy.

The garnea are aliens invented by me who also have been portrayed here and here.


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